Image 03-09-2013 at 13.17Just another angry redhead.

I’m Laura, a 21 year old classical singer from Scunthorpe. In between songs I dedicate a lot of time thinking about posts I could make, considerably more time than I spend actually writing them, so I apologise that blog posts will likely be somewhat haphazard, potentially hard to understand, angry streams of dyslexic consciousness. Whilst I apologise for my writing style, I make no apologies for my thoughts; so please only comment if you wish to facilitate discussion, not critique my grammar, spelling etc. The aim of this blog is primarily to satiate my need for artistic and academic fulfilment now that I’ve finished my degree, but concurrently to that, I needed somewhere that wasn’t Facebook to propagate my leftist ideology, particularly in relation to the arts.

Expect posts primarily about music, education, welfare and feminism interspersed with the odd self-indulgent Scunthorpe United or Doctor Who post (because believing people may want to read your thoughts definitely isn’t inherently self-indulgent, anyway…).


Find me elsewhere:

Instagram: Instagram

– The liberal ginger. X


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